Berea Custom Cornhole, LLC
Established 2008

Custom Painted Cornhole Boards

Every set of cornhole boards produced by Berea Custom Cornhole is a one-of-a-kind set.  We will work with you to finalize a design that is perfect for your household.  We do not use the latest technology in paint application.  Your boards will be painted by us the old fashioned way - with a paintbrush.  With the exception of any decals on your set, each speck of paint you see will have been applied by a human hand.  We like it this way.  We are aware that there are several cornhole manufacturers who use state of the art airbrushing facilities and/or vinyl wraps for their boards - and we'll be the first to admit that some of their designs are very cool.  If that's what you're looking for, please contact them and get your family playing!  If you're looking for something completely unique, completely "you," and in the same price range, then please read on.

Most inquiries we receive start with "How much for a set of _____ boards?"  That's a question we can't answer until we finalize a design with you, you commission us to do the work, and we factor in variables such as vinyl decals or hand-lettering.  We maintain a competitive pricing schedule with other local manufacturers and produce your set in the order with which it was received.  The process begins with a set of expertly crafted cornhole boards.  Our standard sets are regulation boards, but are not competition boards (which are available upon request).  These boards are made for backyards, camping trips, and easy storage.  These boards do play better on grass than paved surfaces.

                        The process begins with our standard 2 ft by 4 ft cornhole boards.  Handles are on both sides for easy transportation.  Each board weighs approximately 16 pounds before painting.

          The legs on each board fold into the board for storage.  There is no additional hardware required to unfold the legs.  Although light, these are sturdy, well-made boards that maintain the integrity of the game.

                                                   Next, we will finalize a design with you.  We will send you a mock up to be
                                                   sure that the boards we're painting are exactly what you wanted.  It is our
                                                   pleasure to use our experience to assist you in creating the right design.


Finally, we will deliver your boards to you if you live in the Cleveland area or ship them via UPS Ground if you live out of state.  The customer receiving the boards below opted for a stain/paint mix and purchased the decals for the set (please allow us to assist with decal purchases to ensure proper quality).  If you've read this far (thank you) and are still wondering about price, just for the sake of example the set above would cost approximately $230 - $240 including a set of bags and tax and they would be delivered to you (in the Cleveland area) ready for play.  Your specific price will be agreed upon before work commences on your set.  Please feel free to check with us by emailing to see what we can create for you.

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